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Service Level Agreement

1. Hours of service

All paying software customers access support at any time 24/7/365 through our portal at www.tengosupport.com where you can find help, support, and guides on all hardware, software, and troubleshooting issues. During office hours our team is also available to respond via web ticket. Office hours are defined as 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday excluding UK public holidays, and excluding the Christmas shut-down period (differing each year, schedule is sent to all clients in advance).

2. Response times

Within the hours of service outlined above, we endeavour to respond to support tickets within 1 working day, and to other requests within 3 working days (such as bookings, requests for information etc.).

3. Service inclusions

The following scenarios are explicitly included within this agreement, and there will be no charge for supporting you remotely in these instances other than your agreed monthly or annual fees as a client with us:

  1. Software bug – defective code leads to an issue, which renders all or part of the system unusable.
  2. Hardware fault – any issue relating to any hardware still under warranty ONLY if purchased through Tengo Software.
  3. General fault finding – helping operators identify the cause of a problem relating to software and/or hardware purchased through Tengo Software. (for example, identifying printer jam, incorrect button press etc.). Fault finding is only covered if the cause of the fault is related to software or hardware supplied by Tengo Software (as long as the troubleshooting guide has been followed meaning you are unable to resolve the issue in house).

Any request raised for something that doesn’t fall under service inclusion will result in a £30 ‘outside of scope of contract’ fee, plus the time spent in 15 minute increments at our standard hourly rate (contacting a member of our team directly about an issue also counts as raising a request, as does replying to an old ticket about a new issue).

4. Service exclusions

Any scenarios in which we are contacted that do not fall under any of the points in section 3 above will be charged for at our standard rates as outlined above. These include but are not restricted to the following examples:

  1. Any fault with or caused by software and/or hardware NOT provided by Tengo Software.
  2. If hardware we’ve supplied is outside of warranty, or you have been warned/advised it is defective and in need of upgrade/repair, issues caused as a result of you not replacing/repairing the hardware as advised will be chargeable.
  3. If the software is used on hardware not supplied by us, or hardware provided by us has been modified in any way (including having other software installed on it), support will not be provided other than by prior written agreement.
  4. User training.
  5. System configuration, price updates, changes etc.
  6. Any fault caused by your negligence – e.g. physical damage, manual deletion/corruption of data by your operatives, or failure to follow instructions correctly provided by Tengo Software.
  7. Any issue caused by your environment, infrastructure or third party intervention – e.g. power cuts, issues with your internet connection or internal network, flood, fire, theft.
  8. Any issue caused by you having the machine switched off – machines should be left on at all times so they receive updates and maintenance from us out of hours.
  9. A repeat ticket – i.e. if you submit a second ticket for the same issue. Once a ticket is submitted, please await a reply, do not chase a response if you are still within our standard response times.

Categorisation of faults into service inclusions and exclusions will be made by Tengo Software.

Any ticket raised for something listed under service exclusions will result in a £30 ‘outside of scope of contract’ fee, plus the time spent in 15 minute increments at our standard hourly rate.

5. Warranty

Where a hardware fault falls under warranty, the item(s) are to be returned directly to the equipment manufacturer for evaluation and repair/replacement. Any hardware returned is to be returned at the cost of the customer unless otherwise agreed, in writing, prior to the return of the item(s). Standard warranty on new equipment is 12 months, extended warranty quotes are available on request. Warranty is invalidated if any third-party hardware or software not provided by Tengo Software is installed. If no fault is found, or if warranty is not accepted, the customer must cover all associated costs for any inspections fees, labour fees, and carriage fees in returning the item.

6. Additional charges

Subject to the conditions outlined above, any additional time spent by Tengo Software staff is chargeable unless they fall under the service inclusions in point 3. Full details of our charges and rates can be found here.