Adding Stock / Goods In

To create an initial stock or book further quantities of goods in – 

  • Note the Supplier must have a record in the system. If the supplier is new, see the article Adding Suppliers and create the record before proceeding
  • Type \\GOODS, or click Goods In button if there is one on your till (or on Products menu in CRM). Start with the Suppliers name from drop-down. The Order / ref and GRN (Goods Received Note) fields to be completed as per instructions from your organisation – they can be mandatory if we are asked to make them so, input relevant details from your purchase order. Ensure the Stock Location is set correctly. The field will default to the Location set in the till / machine you are working on, but it is possible to use, say, a back office laptop with the software installed to record new stock in a different location, if you are working remotely in a multi site organisation. The drop down will list all locations currently recorded for your organisation. Complete details on this page then click the Items button in the bottom right corner

  • If you type in the PLU correctly, the line will auto-populate info already know such as Department / unit cost (if you have put one in for this supplier). Or scan in the Bar Code label if you created one, scanning bar-code into the PLU field will work if the bar-code is already known to the system
  • Carefully type in the number received in the Recd box, and the unit cost in the U/Cost box (if not already populated), when complete click Done.

You have now created the records for a new product and an initial stock

You can check now if you now type \\PROD, and search  for or find your new product on the list, click on the line to highlight it, press Search in the top right hand corner to update the information, and you will see all the information you have input, including the stock quantity and pricing.

Clicking the Edit button near the bottom left of the screen will enable you to View and Edit product information on the Detail tab (top of screen) and view detailed stock information on the Stock tab.

Sales through the till will reduce the stock figure, use \\GOODS again to add new amounts of purchased stock.

Updated on 19th September 2023

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