Updating tengoPOS

The latest version of tengoPOS is v10.1.19, if you are not running this version, please follow the guide below if you are experiencing any problems before contacting us. The version number you are running is shown in tengoPOS on the top left of the screen, it will say tengoPOS v10.1.19 if you are on the latest.

You can update the tengoPOS software in many ways. You may have a button in your admin area which says ‘Update tengoPOS’ or similar, pressing this button will begin a software update.

You can also (if logged in as an administrator) type in \\UPDT and press enter. In both cases, tengoPOS will then close, and you’ll see the screen below – type in Y on your keyboard

It will scroll many lines of text in the black box, and once done, tengoPOS will start up again, and you can log in and continue as normal. The version number will be shown top left, so you’ll know you’re on the right version if you’ve been asked to check this. PLEASE DO NOT close the black window, it will close itself once done. If you close it before it finishes, this may cause tengoPOS not to work.

IF neither of the above options are available to you, it is likely you are on a version lower than 10.0.73, and it’s important that you urgently contact us to arrange a manual update to your software.


If after updating there is any issue in running tengoPOS, or if you accidentally close the updater window before it is finished, the final way to run an update is to open File Explorer (press the windows key on your keyboard, type ‘Explorer’ and tap/click on ‘File Explorer’) and navigate to DropBox, Deploy, tengoPOS, and double click the updatepos file shown below.

You will then get the black window show above where you type Y on the keyboard to accept the update.

Again, if none of the above options are available to you, please contact us urgently to arrange for your system to be updated by one of our technicians, after which you will be able to follow this guide.

Updated on 21st April 2022

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