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Configuring Funds & Appeals

To configure/add/edit funds and appeals, Appeals are types of Department, and Funds are types of Product within said departments. This because tengoCloud covers a lot of different areas, so charities might ‘sell’ donation amounts alongside retail items or donated goods, so it makes sense for all of the data to be in the same place. The listings / maintenance pages therefore for Appeals and Funds are both listed under the Product menu in tengoCloud.

There are 2 key things to remember when setting up Funds and Appeals. When adding a department, for it to be available to log donations against, you must tick ‘funding’ as shown below on the Departments listing in tengoCloud. Ticking Retail means it would also be visible in the Retail module, if you are running EPoS. Please note, if you are on the Gift Aid Manager Lite package, you have a restricted number of Funds and Appeals and won’t have the option to configure them.

When adding/editting products that are to be donation funds, you must make the product class be ‘Donation’, and set the department to be the relevant Appeal as above. These 2 bits are highlighted below, on the Product Maintenance screen on tengoCloud:

You must also ensure you enter a description, as that is what is shown when you select the fund upon adding a donation.

Updated on 15th February 2024

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