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tengoCloud Report Columns

Various reports on tengoCloud can have different columns visible/shown or made invisible/not shown, to change the reports from the standard default column headings. This is controled by Tengo, to stop things getting messy and customers having lots of columns they don’t need. If you wish to have any columns on reports that are listed below added or removed from your reports, contact us and raise an ‘other’ request to let us know what you want. Details of the columns that can be shown or hidden are:

Product listing report

Collection, Supplier, Supplier Cost, Vat Code, Weight, Nett Margin, Nett Price, Nett Profit.

Cash declaration report

Float, Notes.

Sales Template and other sales reports

Source, Hour, Time, Weight, PLU, Description, Supplier, Company, Department, VAT Code, Unit Cost, Discount, Quantity, UoM (Unit of Measure), Line Cost, VAT Amount, Value with VAT, Value without VAT, Date, TillID, User, Sales Site, Sales Nominal, Cost Nominal, SerialNo (Serial Number), Additional Text. On the Sales Template only, a filter for Collection is addable along with the column.

Stock Take Listing

Value (£).

Stock Valuation

Collection filter and column.

Updated on 18th October 2023

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