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End of tax year annual HMRC Gift Aid letters

Each year, you must send an email or letter to every donor who’s donated items have generated £20 or more of sales (and each 3 years for those who have sales but not £20 or above).

TengoCloud Charity CRM makes the process of sending the letters extremely simple. At the end of the tax year, the system automatically produces a list for you of all the people you need to contact with email addresses and postal addresses, and the amount to add in to the letter – you can then export this and use it for email/mail merging the letters.

You can find this list under ‘Gift Aid’, and by clicking on ‘Donors Requiring Contact’. Be sure to choose the correct tax year from the drop-down – you have from 6th April until the 31st of May to complete the process for the previous tax year.

When you export the list, the records are marked as ‘Awaiting contact’, and after 21 days any that you have not manually set a reply against will automatically be cleared so that Gift Aid can be submitted for them.

Updated on 7th March 2023

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