Goods In process

Goods In is used either to record the initial stock purchased for a new line, or to add a quantity of stock purchased for an existing product line. This process applies to products that are Stock Controlled within tengoPOS, i.e. we are keeping records of quantities received in, sold, wastage etc so that we have a live figure  in the system for the number of that product in stock at a particular stock location.

See the article Adding new Suppliers, Products and Stocks for details of the full process for new lines. The article below focuses on adding a quantity to an existing product.

  • In tengoPOS, type \\GOODS and hit enter, you will see the screen below
  • Some tills are configured with a button, labelled Goods In. Pressing this has the same effect
  • If you have tengoDC, this operation can be performed by choosing Goods In from the Products Menu

  • Start with the Suppliers name from drop-down. See article Adding New Suppliers, if this is a new supplier within tengoPOS – you will need to add the supplier before proceeding. The drop-down will list all known suppliers. If there are many, start to type in the box it will give you suggestions from the list
  • The Order / ref and GRN (Goods Received Note) fields are mandatory, input relevant details from your purchase order
  • Ensure the Stock Location is set correctly. The field will default to the Location set in the till / machine you are working on. It is possible to use, say, a back office laptop with the software installed to record new stock in a different location, if you are working remotely in a multi site organisation. The drop down will list all locations currently recorded for your organisation. You can check the till location set in your machine by typing \\TILL in tengoPOS, on the Main tab Stock Location is listed halfway down the page
  • Once the page has been completed, Click the Items button in the bottom right corner, you will see this page-

  • In this screen you are identifying the product from the existing details held within tengoPOS, and the quantity received
  • If you type in the PLU correctly, the line will auto-populate info already know such as Department / unit cost (if you have put one in for this supplier). Or scan in the Bar Code label if you created one for the product, even though it is the PLU box that is highlighted, simply scan the barcode at this stage and it will populate the line for you
  • Carefully type in the number received in the Recd box, and the unit cost in the U/Cost box (if not already populated from information given when the product was set up)
  • Further lines can be added using the Add+ button at the bottom of the screen
  • when complete click Done, and the quantity will be added to the records for your product
  • Clear removes all the information you have input. Store enables you to exit the screen but the info you have put in to date will be stored, then if you type \\GOODS again you can pick up from where you left off. Header takes you back to the first screen, if you need to change some details there

If you locate the product via the product listing page (Type \\PROD), highlight the product line, click Edit, then click on the Stock tab at the top, you will see the quantity you entered shown as a Receipt and the Order ref to the left.

Updated on 6th May 2020

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