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Making Gift Aid Submissions


TengoPOS collects information about eligible sales, donations, admissions etc and integrates with HMRC so that you can make Gift Aid submissions very easily using TengoCloud.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST make your Gift Aid claims through the system and not try to do it outside of the system, to ensure compliance with HMRC legislation. The system automatically applies all rules and regulations and checks before completing a claim, submitting data from our system through another method bypasses these checks, sometimes resulting in invalid claims and duplicate claims being made.

As a Registered Charity you will already have an account with HMRC, with a User Name and Password. They will also know bank account details. Our software is approved by HMRC to enable direct submissions to them. Prior to the first one, we will need the following information from you. Where appropriate the information you give us should be consistent with that you have already supplied to HMRC so that no queries are raised –

1. HMRC submission user name and password.
2. Charity ID (ie AB12345)
3. Organisation Name (MyCharity)
4. Charity Registration number (1234567)
5. Contact Name
6. Contact telephone Number
7. Email address
8. Post Code

Gift Aid information and the submission function are currently only available together in TengoCloud. You will already have a user name and password for this, and additional licences are available if required.


Log in to tengoCloud as normal and find the Gift Aid tab. Hover over this and move down to Pending, and click.

Above is the Header bar, the date range defaults to today. You can change the range of dates and click the magnifying glass symbol to search – but see below, it is not necessary to type in dates if you want to make a submission of all eligible lines.

The Pending tab will list only those lines available since the last submission to HMRC, i.e. not lines already Submitted or Failed

Click on the HMRC button with the Up arrow, near the top right hand corner, and the following box  appears –

  • The reference will default to the format shown – the date 1 month prior. This is because you can not claim Gift Aid on transactions less than 1m old, in case the donor / customer changes their mind about Gift Aid. (HMRC rule). tengoPOS automatically suppresses these ineligible lines. The Reference can be changed, this may depend on whether you tick the “Submit only Selected” box, see below
  • The email address can be left blank, HMRC will contact you on the email address you have registered with them.
  • If you leave the “Submit only selected” box blank, every eligible line since the last submission and up to 30 days ago will  be submitted, including any previous Failed lines that have been repaired, e.g. Post Code was missing.
  • If you tick the box, only those lines you have on your screen within the chosen date range will be sent
  • When you are satisfied, click the blue tick to send the submission

An email acknowledgement should be received promptly, if all the organisation details supplied are correct.

When HMRC have approved the submission, the status of the lines will change from Pending to Submitted, or maybe in some cases, Failed.

Further Guidance

Frequency of claims – There are no hard and fast rules about when you should  make Gift Aid claims, it is up to your organisation whether these are monthly, quarterly etc. You can not make more than 1 submission in a 24h period, and as already mentioned lines from the last 30 days are suppressed.

Other Gift Aid screens – On the Gift Aid tab –

  • List – enables you to find any entries irrespective of Status (Pending, submitted, failed). Using the date ranges and then filtering the data allows you to analyse the information quickly. e.g. to find out how many GA  eligible sales were made last week, input the date range from and to, click the Search symbol.
  • Pending – we have looked at above, all GA eligible lines that have not been submitted yet
  • Failed – Submitted to HMRC but rejected. Often this is due to a missing Post Code, house number, or no Initial / Surname – These are mandatory, and the reason for failure will be shown in the Error column. If you are able to correct the omission (use the Edit symbol, the pen over a piece of paper top right) and then press the Clear Error (brush symbol just to the left) the line will move back in to Pending. Its date will not change though, so if you chose a date range to submit say month by month, these historic corrected entries can get left behind.
  • Submitted- a list of submitted and accepted lines
  • Submission Summary – A one line summary of your submissions. Note the end columns are  blank as we are not aware  what has been paid to you. Note the Value shown throughout, is the value of the sales made, not the expected amount of additional Gift Aid income as a result of those sales.
Updated on 29th September 2020

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