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Unable to login to tengoCloud

As tengoCloud is an online service, you need to be connecting from a machine with an active internet connection. There are only a handful of issues that affect tengoCloud – firstly, ensure you are using the right address to login. Each client of ours has a unique identifier on our system, a word with no spaces representing their name – please note this is the organization name, not your individual name. TengoCloud is hosted on a secure server, so the address starts with https://, not http://, if you use http only you will receive an error about security. The format of your login address is as follows:


Please also note that there is no www in the web address for tengoCloud.

When you type in your username and password, you must actually click or tap on the ‘login’ button, do not press enter/return on the keyboard as this will not log you in.

If you still can’t log in, the other things to consider are whether you have forgotten the username and/or password or are entering it incorrectly. Ensuring you don’t have CAPS Lock or NUM Lock activated on the keyboard, as both the username and password are case sensitive. If you need a reminder of your username and/or password, please click here.

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Updated on 19th July 2022

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