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Deliveries – Managing the delivery post sale in tengoDC

The sale will have been made on the till earlier and delivery requested and agreed, see the article  Deliveries РBooking Deliveries in tengoPoS

In tengoDC –

  • Click on the Deliveries Heading, then Listing
  • The “Up To” date defaults to 1 week ahead but can be changed
  • Note that the boxes near the top of the page act as filters, e.g. Warehouse, Transport, Time, Date. Select from the drop-down and press Search, only results meeting that criteria will be shown
  • Your delivery will be listed, and when it is loaded on the transport you can change the status to Dispatched by highlighting the line and pressing Dispatch at the bottom of the page
  • Pressing OK, or clicking the small X in the tab heading will close the page with changes saved
  • All Dispatched deliveries are listed on the Dispatched page, from the Deliveries heading. When the driver confirms delivery and that the customer has acknowledged receipt, you can highlight the line on this page and press Delivered at the foot of the page to change the status to delivered
  • The system will not let you mark an item as delivered if it has not previously been changed from Pending to Dispatched
Updated on 6th May 2020

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