Offline Mode

We often receive support requests telling us that the till is saying it is in ‘offline mode’. The offline mode warning is merely there to inform you that the till is not able to connect to the internet, you can resolve this with your IT team internally – you do not need to tell us when this happens, the till will carry on as normal and your data will be uploaded when a connection is re-established. Be aware though that the till will not “synchronise” to the cloud, so for instance your sales will not be visible on the cloud until a connection is re-established, and the till has had a few minutes to sync (which happens automatically).

Common things to check – your WiFi could be disabled on your till if it has wireless internet built-in, and in many cases the cause is that your internet box or router is simply turned off. Where a connection is via cable, it is also worth checking that the cable in question is connected.

**IMPORTANT** A  till that is offline will only hold your sales for 30 days so it is important that you get your till online, even for a short while, by day 28. Therefore, you should inform the person responsible for the internet connection in your shop as soon as you know there is an issue. The offline mode indicator refreshes every 5 minutes, so it may still show offline for a short time once a connection is re-established.

Updated on 14th June 2022

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